The Madness Before the Wars

This is not IC knowledge

To begin, there were three gods: Temoth, Faytri, and Trepas. There were very few races: Elves, humans, dwarves, dragons, and orcs.

All races started underground and some dug to darker places, and some crawled upward to find more space.

Temoth and Faytri came to the surface and chose their favorites. Faytri chose the elves. Temoth chose the weres.

Trepas did not go to surface and instead claimed the races underground.

She bore demigods and taught the things underground to worship her and them, and thus gained power. Temoth and Faytri knew nothing of worship, pleased when people spoke to them, but not interested in power.

Meanwhile, Trepas bored of her games under the surface and decided to try life above ground.  She burrowed out of the earth onto a lush, tropical continent, and the force of her escape created a volcano, which spewed magical energy across the continent, and endowed the minerals near the volcano with amazing magical properties.

The trees of that tropical paradise were filled with colorful lizards who were slowly gaining the ability to use simple tools.  As the years went by, they discovered the magic of the gems around them with their simple intelligences, and began to evolve and use magic as a tool instead of a natural function.  The Zarkul grew without the influence of the gods…

Trepas looked at a continent practically void of intelligent life, not seeing the lizards who had learned to plant traps for their prey while they hid in the trees. Instead, she invented one. The Firegnomes were born. Trepas played with them briefly, but despite their ridiculous appearance, they were horrendously mundane in attitude.

Trepas moved to the center nation, and saw how interesting humans can be, so she snagged a few and played with them, thus creating the Braileks and Dark Humans. She was intrigued by these briefly, mostly by their children, and then she had her most creative idea yet.

They were children, perpetually. Some could be quite serious, some downright inane, but their minds never aged to maturity, their reasoning was rarely sound, they giggled at fart jokes, and they were impossible to control. And to these children she gave a power beyond even herself. Once a year, they had the power to make a Wish. As we all know from cautionary tales like the Genie in the Lamp, one must be careful what you wish for. But children are rarely careful, and Trepas created 2000 wish-bearing children and released them into the world.

At first, the problems were small. One child invented minotaurs. Another created drakechild.

And then one caused an elven kingdom to launch itself into civil war.

Another wished Trepas could have more friends and doubled the number of drow gods.

And one wished that the orcs would be impressed by his power, and caused a spaceship to fall out of the sky.

The orcs and dragons were forced back into smaller territories, the Firegnomes were joined on their continent by the orcs, some dragons were forced underground, which forced the dwarves further south where they began to take over drow land. The drow in turn surfaced, and began systematically destroying the elven race. Faytri was already in pain over the loss of the beautiful elven kingdom of Cordonia, and now the Fae were the cause of the possible genocide of her favored people. The Fae acted quickly, if not wisely, and relocated the bulk of Faytri’s people to the northern spike of the Verintos continent. Trepas delighted in the chaos caused by her creations, and stoked the fires with war. Until the Eldest of Them was forced to separate the races, and called mountains from the earth to lay down and prevent any Verintosian citizen from entering the Kingdom of the Sun, ever again

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