Basic History of Verintos

The Gods and The World

We’ll start at the beginning. You had a lump of world with a handful of standard fantasy races, the elves being most numerous, the humans being the best multipliers. The others are dragons, dwarves, drow, and orcs. You have two deities, Temoth and Faytri. Temoth prefers a small sect called of humanity called werewolves, for their versatility. Faytri prefers elves, for their innovation. But the ones that require the most attention are the humans, who begin to worship the gods. So things are going quite well, until a new deity appears on the scene named Trepas.
Trepas learned to harness the worship of her chosen people, the drow, and used that power for chaos. She creates many different creatures, including the one commonly called faeries, and an odd kender-like race called Firegnomes.
She gave the fae a terrifying power called ‘Wish’. They could do things even the gods were incapable of once every six month. This led to one of the faeries screwing up the delicate ecology of Topaz (the world) and nearly exterminating the elves in the process. The Fae were mortified at the damage their power did and weakened it themselves as a nation. Temoth and Faytri struck a deal with them to save a good portion of the elves by moving them into a formerly Fae-only territory. Things calmed down awhile. But, said territory was very near the only unaffected human settlements, and when the humans continued to be prolific, they met the elves in their territory. Man being so young a race, and not grasping the idea of diplomacy, took offense to this, and the first war began.

The First War

Trepas took great glee in the suffering caused by war. She continually prodded the humans, weres and elves into more and more terrible acts. Temoth and Faytri tried to end the war, to make their people see reason, but Trepas knew how to use followers. Nothing they did worked against her. Trepas would give boons and award depravity with the fulfilment of every need, and when that didn’t work, she’d find a way to subvert family. Unbeknownst to the gods, there was another deity, known only as the Eldest of Them. Often referred to as a He, but not seeming to be classified at all, the Eldest of Them woke in irritation and bound Trepas into the ground. He decreed that only citizens of the Fae lands were to ever enter them, and then left Temoth and Faytri to figure out the rest. Thus, the Kingdom of Verintos, the human kingdom, and the Kingdom of the Sun, the elven kingdom, were born. No human alive has seen the inside of the Kingdom of the Sun. Even those who marry elves of the Sun tend to stay in Verintos.

The Second War

Only one man has broken this rule. His name was Nahtreum, and his goal was to upset the peace created. In an act of either insanity or sheer evil, he murdered an entire village in one night, then claimed to the Duke of the Plains that a force from the People of the Sun had done it. His tale spread like wildfire, and when the people of Verintos were sufficiently incensed, he ran to the King of the Kingdom of the Sun, and told him the plans Verintos had to mobilize against him.
War broke out and the People of the Sun were more than a fair match for people of Verintos, for although they were less numerous, they wielded magic, which Verintosians avoided like plague, and it was so advanced, it was like facing off modern artillery against footbound Zulus.
They started at the Plains, and in three years wiped out not only the villages there, but the Fortress, which lays empty to this day. Every living thing was laid to waste, and forces sent out to stop them only perished, survivors rarely returned. Drafting had been put in force, and every able-bodied 20 year old was put on the front lines. They turned for the rest of the kingdom, abandoning the wide front to focus their force on the Castle of Verintos. But the King of Verintos was much wiser than the humans in the first war, and when the Sun army drew close to the city, he called for a short truce to discover why the People of the Sun would attack. The King of Verintos’s chosen advisor was a great hero, a farmer’s son to young to be drafted, but in the war because he was paying the Kingdom of the Sun back for the destruction of his village. The sole survivor of Nahtreum’s treachery, Islea recognized Nahtreum’s voice in the discussion between the Kings and exposed the villain for his treachery. The war ended, the peace uneasy, but solid, even after the king died and passed his crown on to his son a year later. During this time, many spies sent by the people of the Sun were discovered, and elves were still regarded as unnatural demon-spawn.

The Tyrant and The Expeditions

The war, though awful, would have been quickly recovered from, but the new King’s policies made it impossible. What followed can only be described as twenty years of sheer tyranny. The new king hoarded all of the gold and raised taxes. If you couldn’t meet the taxes with your farmwork, you were shipped off in expeditions to discover new sources of revenue. Another group of elves was discovered, as well as their battles with the drow. Many men enlisted to help in this fight to aid their families in shipping a little bit of money home. Others were forced into a war far from home, but the elves would often spot those there against their will and move them into the Enclaves as medics. The Braileks were also met, but they were too self-sufficient for the tyrant to find a way to exploit, so the elves were focused on. The relations with the elves of the east greatly increased the acceptance of the elves of the Sun.
After about five years, there was starting to be talk of eliminating the king and letting his younger brother take the post, and later that year, his brother disappeared. The kingdom despaired and slogged on.

The Queen and The Third War

In a coup only to be described as ‘miraculous’, an unknown woman murdered the King and went on to prove she was the daughter of his brother. The tyrant was dead, and she became Queen Cornet, under wary watch. Her first move, deposing the Duke of the Sea and placing a commoner in the position proved to be the only thing that relaxed her new subjects.
However, her reign did not start off peaceful. Shortly after she took her throne, Trepas was freed from her bound state, and amassed an army in the Fort of the Plains. Trepas created a child she intended to take over the places of Temoth and Faytri, and set her to lead an army of a race Verintos had never before seen, vampires brought from another world Trepas commanded. She also called on another hidden jewel of Topaz itself, a Dark Hill elf named Alexia, the cruelest being to ever be tainted by necromantic energy. However, to Cornet’s side came all of Verintos, the Dark Hill elves (for they despised Alexia) and several beings called drakechild. And when the battle came to a stalemate, one thing changed its course. Trepas’s child turned on her. Her power broken over her own troops by Dalharilde, Trepas was killed, she has no power in Topaz anymore. Now her child, the Little Goddes as she likes to be called, controls chaos.

The Present

So now, it’s been sixteen years of peace, we’ve discovered the Firegnomes, become good friends with the Braileks, and are almost about to start marketing with dwarves.

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